Personal Loan: Licensed Money Lender is a Better Choice as compared to Banks

In recent years, licensed money lenders in Singapore have been increasingly popular in high demand. Not sure if it is an alarming issue that the government should be concerned with; but, is a money loan or personal loan right for you? Understand what exactly is a personal loan and what are the requirements in order to be qualified for one. [...]

Money Saving Hacks – How Do You Stick to a Budget?

We all have shortcomings, to which we spend our money. We have a rough day; we think that we owe ourselves the pleasure of a pleasant dinner or rest after a hard year or a new flat screen TV or that beautiful attire in the window. There are many temptations. It's hard to go down the brightly lit fun shopping [...]

How can newly wedded couples be financial savvy

Having know each other for a good amount of time to tie the knot and ring those wedding bells, both you and your partner should know each other well enough, inside out. The good and bad habits, different ways of getting things done, and even spending habits sure be well at your fingertips. If you are still not sure of [...]