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Biggest Money Mistakes – Personal Finance Basics

Mistakes are profited ordinary by everyone with regards to individual funds nuts and bolts. Probably the most riches individuals on the planet commit errors, individuals in the white collar class commit errors and the poorest individuals on the planet profit mistakes. It is a relatively unavoidable issue. The poorer you are, the more those mistakes can hurt you. What are [...]

What to do if you are laid off before you retire

You had a plan in mind. You were going to work for several more years and head gleefully into retirement. However, your plan did not follow through. Your company decided that it was time for you to halt everything. Then you found yourself laid off, feeling lost and wondering what is your next move. The job market for older generation [...]

How much is needed? What to do with emergency funds 

You know that you need an emergency fund; for some, if an emergency such as job loss does occur, the first thing they do is going to a family member or to a money lender. But, this does not have to be, nor should it be, the case with you. You are here, so you at least know you have [...]

Possibility of Having Debt Free Life in Singapore?

There is a growing number of people in Singapore who find themselves in a difficult financial situation. This is due to high cost of basic needs in the country. Some even feel as though they're just working to meet their daily expenses, leaving them with little or nothing to save for their future. This is far from what many people [...]

6 Bulletproof Saving Hacks For Millennial Singaporeans

Sure, traveling and socializing are great, but they come at a high cost. As a millenial, you need to find ways to save as well. Whether that means borrowing from licensed moneylenders in Singapore (rather than credit cards from the banks), or saving a bit more of your paycheck each month, below are a few hacks which will help you [...]

Tips 101: How To Be Financially Ready For Matrimony

Are you ready to tie the knot? Everyone dreams of having a beautiful, and maybe even a fairytale-like wedding. They look at gorgeous photos of celebrities during their wedding and wish that one day, they could also have the same kind of experience when they walk down the aisle. From the wedding gown to the decor, and the dinner or [...]

4 “Hidden” Costs Of Flying With Budget Airlines

Often people fly on the budget airlines to get the cheapest possible price on their airplane ticket. Often people do save a lot of money on the budget airlines. However, there are some specific things you must need to consider when you fly on the low cost airline carriers. 1.) Inflight Meals Will Cost Extra In order to keep the [...]

Do you know that Reliable Money lender opens on public holiday too?

A money lender is an individual or small financial intuition that offers small personal loans. Money lenders are often better than banks as they offer more flexible and innovative services within a very short time. Although they offer slightly higher rate, the rate is justified by the risk involved. The money lenders also specialise and present more attractive portfolios to [...]

Types of Urgent Cash Loans Singapore that locals can consider

Cash emergencies often strike without warning. They could occur at the worst of times, leaving you helpless and desperate. The good news is that if you need an urgent loan and you reside in Singapore, there are many options that are open to you. Some of the most popular urgent loans Singapore include personal loans, instant cash loans, payday loans [...]