Singaporeans have very limited time when it comes to the household chores. They do spend most of their time working to provide for their families. Some of the household chores they can do with the limited time are like walking the dog every day and taking care of the laundry. For them to fix all this with the available time, they should consider having a foreign domestic helper to keep the household in order. Foreign domestic helpers have been popular for a long period of time. They can help you do some of the households for you.

Why are we reliant on maids?

Taking care of elders

While there are nursing residences for the aged, many can’t afford to pay for such services and facilities, and having a servant is way affordable for them. Thus the state gives tax discounts to those who choose maids to attend for their aging parents. Instead of paying the monthly duty of S$265, they are simply needed to spend S$60 a month.

Long working hours

Considering that Singaporeans live to be known to have prominent dedication towards their jobs, they have very limited time with the household. They at times bring home some of their work jobs which they deal with after settling the kids to bed, therefore the work life perspective has been too much remodeled. There is the little chance to still have the strength and time to deal with vacuuming the floors, cooking doing household chores generally

Many don’t know how to cook

A lot of Singaporeans are used to eating out that they lack training when it comes to kitchen matters, A food Survey that was done in 2014, 65% of Singaporeans revealed that they deem to have limited or unfavorable cooking abilities. While singles can still manage to eat in eateries and fast-food chains, those with children have to resort to getting a servant.

Using a foreign domestic worker is a popular resolution to taking care of most house related activities, however, you must know that the Ministry of Manpower has strict statutes when it comes to selecting Foreign Domestic Workers.

Before you start soliciting for a work license for a Foreign Domestic Worker, you must know your aide’s biographic data such as nationality, age, name and other passport and personal aspects. Ministry Of Manpower will also require you to identify the individual details of everyone living in your location.

Ministry Of Manpower evaluates application stringently by income. Usually, you can only hire an assistant if you can afford with your current income, however, there are certain exceptional circumstances. They include sponsorship and joint Application.

Sponsorship is when an elderly at age of 60 want to hire a Foreign Domestic Worker, whereas there is lack or absence of income and he or she has no adult living with him/her. Ministry of Manpower will evaluate the request based on the sponsor’s (children, grandchildren or siblings) income.

A different way is through Joint Application. The employer can join income with an immediate family member (other than the mate) living with them at home.

Foreign domestic worker eligibility

A foreign domestic worker should be from the government approved country. The worker should be female of the age of between 23 and 60 also have at least 8 years formal education with a recognized certificate by Ministry Of Manpower.

You should interview your foreign domestic worker. Know all of her weakness, her household skills such as cooking and also the appliances she has knowledge on how to use them.

Make sure you even go further to know whether the foreign domestic worker has children so that you can understand well all her goals. You should know if she well understands English. You will know this during the interview.

Are you Eligible to hire for a Foreign Worker?

You must be 21 years old for you to apply for an FWD, She should not have a full mental capacity and bankrupt. And to discharge your responsibility as an employer. First employers should always attend an Employer Orientation Program before they apply.

The Cost of Having an FDW

Salaries of foreign domestic workers depend on the agreed salary per day. For a month salary, this is multiplied by 26 days. Different employers have various agreements with their foreign domestic workers to the meals that they are given at the working place and other miscellaneous expenses. This can be included in your monthly salary.

All that said, cost of hiring a domestic help can amount up to more that 70k a year! It may sound scary but often times in our busy schedule we will need all the help we can get. So if you are in real need of a helper, and require more cash to do so, start applying a finance credit term with us. As at cashlender, we can provide you cash disbursement quickly. Speak with our staff for me information.