Are you ready to tie the knot? Everyone dreams of having a beautiful, and maybe even a fairytale-like wedding. They look at gorgeous photos of celebrities during their wedding and wish that one day, they could also have the same kind of experience when they walk down the aisle. From the wedding gown to the decor, and the dinner or lunch party after the ceremony, these all have an impact on the overall cost of the wedding. So, if you are on a restricted budget, giving in to your whims may not be the most practical way to go about the wedding preparation.

It is not a big surprise to anyone that the cost of living in Singapore can be rather high. This is why having an extravagant wedding in the country may not work perfectly for anyone who is planning on being more frugal and building their savings instead of going all out for their big day. After all, the wedding is only a one-day event, which means it is not exactly practical to go beyond your budget just to relive your childhood dreams and fantasies about your ideal wedding.

But of course, this does not mean you will have to endure having the kind of wedding you never even wanted or dreamed of. With some careful planning, research, and months of preparation, you can have a memorable wedding while meeting your budget goals. This is why we have prepared for you some simple tips and tricks to help you have a lovely wedding while sticking to your budget. In the end, it really is a win-win situation!

1. Discuss with your spouse about your financial goals

It is only practical to have financial goals, and you and your partner must have the same objective when it comes to your finances. This is particularly true if you are hoping to have kids soon, since there are more things to prepare for than just your wedding. Your financial goals must include both long term and short term, and learn to compromise and agree on one thing to avoid future conflicts when it comes to money.

If you both have a particular financial goal, then it may be best to set an amount you are both aiming to achieve at a certain period. In this case, you need to work together to make it happen, which means evaluating the possible cost of the wedding ceremony. The most important thing is that you both come up with your plans for the future in terms of your finances, then you should be able to work out the budget for the wedding after discussing this topic with your spouse.

2. Decide on the budget for the wedding

Now that you have sat down and discussed with your partner what your financial goals are, and hopefully you have agreed on one thing, then it may be right to proceed to determining the budget for your wedding. Having a certain budget in mind can serve as a guide when it comes to identifying the costs of various aspects involved in a wedding, so you can also check if the price works for you and your partner.

The budget you set right from the start can have a significant effect on how your dream wedding will turn out. You need to be able to arrange all of your plans beforehand instead of cramming these to the last minute. Ideally, preparing at least 6 months prior to the wedding is a smart thing to do as you have plenty of time to search for service providers who can meet your specific budget. Some people even consider asking their family members and friends who may do the food catering, photography, or hair and make up at a reasonable price. This is why you should begin making a list of what you need for the wedding and potential individuals you can approach for assistance.

Aside from the wedding ceremony and the reception, you should include in your list your plans for the honeymoon. Miscellaneous expenses that may arise during the event should also be listed down since a few hundred dollars could have an impact on the total price you need to pay. But most importantly, never allow your family or friends’ opinions affect your decision on how you want to celebrate your big day. They may have high expectations on you, but in the end, you have the last word since you are the one paying for your wedding needs.

When it comes to allotting money for each item included in a typical wedding, this guideline may be helpful:

Wedding banquet or reception – 60%
Honeymoon (plane fare, accommodation, pocket money) – 20%
Gown, suit, and bridal package (includes photography) – 15%
Wedding ceremony (minister and venue) – 5%

As you check this guide, you will notice that the wedding reception takes up a huge percentage of your budget. Since this will be spent with your loved ones, not to mention the banquet takes up a few hours, then it is only right that you prepare for it. The caterer, florist, band, cake, wine, and other essential items included should be well-planned to make sure you are able to stick to your budget while making your wedding a truly memorable one.

3. Determine how you want to solemnise the wedding

There are different ways to hold the wedding whether it is a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, a civil wedding, and a few other options. This is something you and your partner must agree on since he might have his own idea or preference, which you need to discuss ahead of time. If it is a traditional ceremony, then the costs included must be talked about further, such as in the case of a Chinese tea wedding rites. There are hong baos you need to provide to the helpers and the children, as well as refreshments.

Then, be sure to register your civil marriage, and this can be done at a solemnisation ceremony. Even if the solemnisers are merely volunteers who are not requiring payment, you can always give them a token of gratitude or a reimbursement for the amount of money spent on the transportation. The Registry of Marriage is usually an option to hold the ceremony because of the affordable price. Simply visit the website to learn more about the fees involved.

4. Borrow some cash if need be

Wedding is once ever lifetime and everyone wish to have a perfect wedding if possible. As such, if you think that you will have a tough time keeping up with the costs no matter how much you prepare for the wedding, then your last resort is to borrow some money from licensed money lenders in Singapore. This is the case with couples who really cannot give up some of their ideas for the wedding even if their budget is limited. In fact, they may have already compromised some things just to stick to their budget, yet there are instances when there is still an insufficient amount of money in their hands.

If this is the case, then borrowing some cash may be considered. They may choose to take out a payday loan or a personal loan from a licensed moneylender in Singapore, while others approach their family members if the amount is only small and reasonable. But if you decide to go down this route, you should always shop around and compare rates offered by moneylenders.

Getting married entails so much excitement and so much preparation at the same time. So, if you have specific goals for your big day, be sure to plan months ahead to come up with a lovely and memorable celebration that you are your partner have been dreaming of.